Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's help her out!!

Hey all. Those of you who haven't purchased tickets should probably do so SOON!! Lauren needs to put a deposit down for the event and she can't pay out of her own pocket. Tickets were $35 before June 15 and now they are $38. Get them now before they become $45 per person. Here's the payment schedule:

Now, tickets are $38.00 ( a total steal--really)
per person after July 24th: $41.00
per person after August 9th: $45.00

Tickets will also be available at the door for $50 per person.

We are also currently looking for sponsors for our reunion. If anyone is interested in helping their fellow classmates enjoy the best possible atmosphere during the event, while also receiving some excellent goodwill publicity, then this is a great opportunity. The cost would be $250 dollars which includes 2 free reunion tickets and offers you the ability to advertise your company, display your logo, or simply subject us all to an inside joke from years gone by. For more information, please contact Lauren Johnson at

We all know Lauren is a classy lady. This will be a fabulous event if we all buy our tickets ASAP and make it all possible.


LJ said...


I'm not sure where the !&%$ you got this photograph, esp. since it isn't even one that I own.

I really can see now why I was such a man-eater in high school. Lil' Miss Heartbreaker right here. :) This pic was taken BEFORE I added the finishing touch--my dad's overly-thick magnifying glasses.


I'd like to take this time to apologize to Alma Wolf who was my date this night for the Halloween dance.

Oh my gosh, look at me!

East High Class of 98 said...

You look completely pitiful!! I love it!! Alma was a lucky man that night. Hopefully you gave him some action. Just getting you back for the cross eyed sumo picture. Love ya Lars.