Friday, May 9, 2008

Buy your tickets NOW and SAVE!!!!!

Details and invite are here!

Invite and all the details are here! :)

Go to the site below, and there you can purchase your tickets. If you purchase them before June 15, they are less expensive, so get 'em now.:)

and again, another friendly reminder, help spread the word! So many of our class is still lost.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in August!

Lets Help Marcie Madrid!!!

This message was posted on the East High Facebook page:

Hey everyone and anyone,
So I'm really not one for mass emails, but for those of you who know (and remember), and love Marcie Madrid, she needs our help. Life has turned upside down for her and her little girl lately, and though your prayers are appreciated and needed, this is one situation where money talks. I know none of us are rich, but I am asking on her behalf for you to take a look at what you can spare and help her out. She is working so hard to make the best of a situation she does not deserve to be in. If you can find it in your hearts (i.e. wallets) to help her out, please, please take a field trip today to any Zion’s Bank and give what you can to the account set up in my name (Dayna McCormick) ending in 4934 or stop by my home and laugh at my 15 month pregnant self at 2785 S 2520 E in SLC and I will be wiring her money daily. Thanks from Marcie!